Natural Remedy . . . Hot Water

For centuries, hot water has been used as a natural healing catalyst and remedy to some the most serious ailments. Civilization used hot water to soothe the ailments caused by strenuous work and relaxed in hot springs and mineral baths. The inherent energy of water healing is the most natural method to enhance health and stamina, stimulate circulation and relieve pain. It also relieves stress and anxiety and normal discomfort caused by the busy lifestyles of the younger generation. It enhances health of the aged by stimulating nerves and increasing circulation.

We have exclusively designed and tested The World's Longest Hot Water Bottle for ease of handling and use. Its uniquely designed, channeled air chambers attribute to it's expanded size while maintaining light weight.

Documentation on Aquatic Heat Therapies date back over two thousand years. Many early traditional aqua therapies were most effective in maintaining optimal health and pain relief. Sports medicine physicians usually recommend using cold packs the first 24 hours and hot packs the second 24 hours for sports injury. The World's Longest Water Bottle serves both purposes. Both modern medicine and traditional alternative therapies recommend aquatic heat therapy for healing. The safety of contained hot or cold water is used to complement these traditions and is recommended by most sports medecine doctors and physical therapists.

In developing The World's Longest Hot Water Bottle we've recreated the foremost traditional healing therapy with modern scientific technology. Experience the benefits from this pleasant soothing and relaxing therapy.



World's Longest Hot and Cold Water Bottle. Energy savings on heating and air conditioningWorld's Longest Hot and Cold Water Bottle. Heat Therapy relief for back pain, joint pain, backache, stress, muscle fatigue and sports injuries.  World's Longest Hot and Cold Water Bottle. Energy savings on heating and air conditioning


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