It looks like a hot water bottle -- but it's really a magic wand
It relieves -- and more often REMOVES -- pain and discomfort within hours.

How Do You Feel?

If you've tried medication and therapies and still need relief from pain and discomfort, it's time to relax. Just 15 minutes once a day with the ease and comfort of The World's Longest Water Bottle can make a difference in your health, strength and vitality!

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Five Great Reasons to try
The World's Longest Hot/Cold Water Bottle!

  • You exercise, study or work long hours, deal with stress and need more energy.
  • You need pain or stress relief caused by your daily routine.
  • You suffer from joint discomfort or back neck and joint pain.
  • You have cool feet syndrome.
  • You have difficulty relaxing.

(Dimensions 48 x 11 inches.)

A Great Solution...
Now a healing art is transformed through a modern marvel product providing relief and greater comfort using a massive quantity in ergonomic design.

A Review of the Most Natural Remedy Known to Humankind . . . Hot Water
For centuries, hot water has been used as a natural healing catalyst and remedy to some the most serious ailments. Civilization used hot water to soothe the ailments caused by strenuous work and relaxed in hot springs and mineral baths. Now there's the World's Longest Hot Water Bottle. Read more.

The World's Longest Hot / Cold Water Bottle . . .

  • Strong and durable design.
  • Helps avoid drugs - all natural.
  • A Natural body balancer - promotes healing.
  • Doctors and therapists recommend heat or cold therapy for many ailments.
  • Compliments the body's natural healing systems with soothing heat or cooling.
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely light for travel
  • Covers greater body surface area
  • Stay cool in summer - avoid heatstroke
  • Stay warm in winter - avoid hypothermia
  • Safe and economical - requires no electricty
  • Fill bottle with cold water to place on hot car seats in summer or hot water to place on cold car seats in winter.
  • Compactly folds to an 11 inch square for storage
  • Fills and empties with ease - holds up to one gallon
  • Insulating soft terrycloth washable cover keeps it sanitary
  • Stays hot for hours with 6 mil vinyl air and water channel design
  • Great for pregnant women and menopause - night sweats and hot flashes
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

World's Longest Hot and Cold Water Bottle. Energy savings on heating and air conditioningWorld's Longest Hot and Cold Water Bottle. Heat Therapy relief for back pain, joint pain, backache, stress, muscle fatigue and sports injuries.  World's Longest Hot and Cold Water Bottle. Energy savings on heating and air conditioning


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